Humanity has been evolving for only 200 thousand years. (By comparison, the dinosaurs existed for 150 million years.) All that time, we have been following the wrong path. We exploited hierarchy and invented evil. Fortunately, this could not injure the universe. It can do just as well with us as without us, as it did for billions of years. But we have injured ourselves by believing in and supporting inequality.

This is shown by the imbalance of development in world cultures. Every day, increasing globalization in trade, communications, and travel reveals inequities around the globe. These inequities are expressed as limitations imposed on personal freedom and as inequality in personal relationships. They exist in government, politics, religion, business, economics, education, literacy, and health.

It is nearly impossible to find an area of human activity in which inequities do not exist. They are the consequence of corrupted self-interest. This book examines these inequities: how they came to be, what supports them, and how we, as individuals, can overcome them by focusing on our relationships in a new way.

The importance of relationships in human affairs cannot be overstated. There is implicit recognition of this importance in our role designations. When we say husband, wife, father, mother, daughter, son, brother, sister, aunt, uncle, niece, nephew, boss, employee, superior, subordinate, winner, loser, and so forth, a relationship is implied. Those words have no meaning outside of a relationship…. In all of these relationships, we, as individuals, must promote freedom and equality. That is the way of love.

In my readings and research, I have not found other authors who deal with this fundamental nature and importance of relationships, so I offer my ideas and discoveries in this book. It presents a universal and global perspective on the relationship between science and spirituality, which is love.

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